Monday, September 17, 2007

Gardener's Bloom Day

Almost everything blooming in last month's Bloom Day post is still blooming now (except Hydrangea, and those are definitely done). So I'll just focus on some of the recent highlights. First, Brugmansia, or Angel's Trumpet. Possibly Tony's favorite plant. These grow to be trees where it doesn't freeze, but ours starts over from the ground up each spring. Sooooo fragrant at night. Just burst into a round of much anticipated blooms. (shown with average size hand for scale)

Below: new to the garden: an agastache.

...and tiny asters.

Heliotrope--smells like vanilla.

And soon to bloom, lighting up the back of the garden:
helianthus augustifolius, or
  • swamp sunfower.

  • To see what's blooming across the country-- and beyond-- go to this post at
  • May Dreams Gardens
  • and visit the comment section.


    At 2:35 AM, Blogger Carol said...

    Swamp sunflower? I've never heard of that and would like to see a picture of it when it is blooming. What zone are you in, by the way?

    Thanks for posting for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

    At 10:28 AM, Blogger LisaBee said...

    Hey Carol,

    I had to look it up myself, to find out if I was right about that name, and what the 'fancy' name was. Got it at a plant sale somewhere along the line, and when it's not in bloom, it doesn't look like much. Now that's it's on regular water, the thing is huge! (I added a link for it).
    I'm in zone 9, (zone 15 in the Sunset Western Garden Book.) One hour north of SanFrancisco, a half hour in from the coast at Bodega Bay. It's a great place for growing things.

    At 2:14 PM, Blogger shirl said...

    Hi there, Lisa

    Great blooms - I can't believe the size of these trumpet flowers. My favourite was definitely your agastache! What an unusual flower and a great colour too :-)


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