Sunday, July 26, 2009

The July Garden

We've been out & about, taking lots of pics, just not posting many here, alas. Here then is your July garden update...

1) a view from the studio

2) hollyhock, with studio behind

3) helenium, aka 'sneezeweed'-- when not in bloom, it doesn't look like much, but this time of year, couldn't recommend it more highly.

4) I re-planted some pots. They seem to be happy about it.

5) sunflower, bees. The sunflowers we planted are WAY behind a lot of others we see around. Hasn't been a very hot summer at all. And I guess we were late.

6) peach. homegrown.

7) echinacea aka coneflower, ready for it's close-up.

8) Dahlia! Usually, not too successful for me...

9) Our new pet, Spot. He's very quiet.

10) This strange-looking bud is very soon to become something like
11) this (taken at Mendocino Botanical Gardens)


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