Sunday, March 25, 2007

spanish lavendar

This winter, I lost a number of good-sized lavendar bushes to the combination of a drought-like January & deeper-than-average freezes. Others are struggling to return.
This one, however, looks plenty happy.
Spanish lavendars, in general, however, have not been so successful for me, or I'd have a lot more of them. I like the more unusual colors-- white, pink, red-violet. But these have not survived. Over at my Mom's, where they have irrigation, these are all looking very fine. (hmmm...)


At 9:21 AM, Blogger Steve Peck said...

Hi Lisa,I live near Placerville,Ca. and have about 40 spanish lavendars in raised beds covered w/cobbles in full sun. They are a year old and are doing great on 2gph drips- year-round-watering time is less in winter.The deer and gophers don't like them, and they bloom like crazy! Anything that survives our summers and critters has got to be hardy! Maybe the right amount of water year-round is key! Steve Peck


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