Thursday, March 01, 2007

Save the Butterflies!

I was reading over in the California Gardening Forum on GardenWeb about the loss of Monarch habitat, with links to a recent article in the SF Chronicle. (and yes, I know this picture, from last July, is some sort of swallowtail!) Anyways, there's a link to a group called Monarch Watch, who is trying to help create monarch 'way-stations' across the county (monarchs migrate from north to south, across the United States to Mexico annually). The group sells packets of seeds which contain the monarch's necessary 'host plant' -- types of milkweed-- plus nectar plants. We grew a type of milkweed for the past 2 years (it's beautiful, as well!) and last year was the first in the four we've lived here that I've seen any monarchs in our yard. (I've never seen any caterpillars or chrysalis' though). Our little town also contains the Hallberg Butterfly Gardens, (now there's another story)... but I know that Louise Hallberg is also working to create monarch habitat.


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