Sunday, March 18, 2007

I (heart) Euphorbias

I have been composing an ode to euphorbias in my mind for some time. And right now, they're 'blooming'-- so to speak (they aren't your average bloom). Euphorbias seem to thrive in the conditions we give them (including sometimes hot, dry summers). They're evergreen. They're... unusual looking. They can be big and bushy. They can be creepers. They can have red foliage. And recently, I've discovered they re-seed nicely. I've been moving volunteers about.
On a recent tour of my Mom's garden in Calistoga (parts of which I started for her back when I was just a gardener with a dream and no garden), I noticed-- no euphorbias. Ye gads. And winter seems to have opened up some... opportunities.

I think I can see some euphorbias in her future...


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