Sunday, October 01, 2006

garden touring: Spirit Hill Farm

Last weekend the Garden Conservancy sponsored Open Garden Day, featuring a number of private gardens in the Sebastopol area, so off we went.

The first was Spirit Hill Farm, so-called because it's located right next to the rustic historic cemetary, on a hill overlooking Graton. We drive by it frequently, so it was a treat to get in and wander the grounds, which were wonerfully done-- the pictures won't do it justice. You could, of course rent the guest house, or the whole place for a wedding or party. It's multi-leveled-- pool at the top, bar/patio area mid-way, tuscan-style dining below that, vegetables below the house, all surrounded ny rolling orchards & vineyards. (The last 2 photos are of the guest house.)
  • Spirit Hill Farm

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