Sunday, September 24, 2006

Reason # 35: Graton Day!

Long ago (five years) and not-so-far away (on Graton Road), when two artists began their search for a home in Sonoma County, the first house they looked at was in Graton. By chance, it happened to be on Graton Day. After the parade passed by, they sat in the Willowwood (not even knowing then that it was owned and run by Matt & Lulu, who Tony knew from a previous life & Carrara's in the East Bay), and wrote up their list of wants and needs, and decided that Graton was in fact the place. A year later (a long year of searching), also entirely by chance, it was on Graton Day that the moving van pulled away, and they had moved to Graton. They strolled downtown, the parade went by, there were candles lit & a full moon, and dancing in the street.

Yes, that couple was us, and ever since we've had a great fondness for the smalltown celebration that is Graton Day. 'One Block Heaven', they call it. (check out the new link to '' at right)
local citizenry, Tony, Sooz & Michael
Kid's band: Divan, featuring Truman Coy (Micahael & Wendy's son) on far right

...and closer up...

activities for kids (and a climbing wall!)

tortoises roam the street

fresh tomatoes!
and of course, awards for largest (and 'most character') zucchini. (I sat this year out, but next year--watch out!)

..and a pie baking contest, and rummage sale, information booths, local restaurant's fare...


At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Jaya Schillinger said...

Looks fun! I was Googling to find out what time the parade is this year, and landed on this post of yours from a previous year. Great photos!

Isn't west county wonderful?

At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Susan Miller said...

Thanks for the great glimpse of Graton. This entry really captures the highlights of last year. Hope to see you down on Graton road this year.


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