Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Yow! No posts since Oct. 31st. Sorry about that, my peeps. This lovely orchid visiting us from my neighbor Steve is forcing me out of my blog hibernation. In fact, I'm embarking on a little photo-a-day email exchange with a couple of friends, and maybe I'll try posting them here too, when they are garden / landscape / nature related.
Here is the first in the series. taken on New Year's Day, at the Laguna in Sebastopol. Happy New Year!

And in gardening news, I've already pruned most of the rosebushes. My mother taught me that pruning for our region should begin on or after January 1st, which is easy to remember, but I started almost a week early, 'cause it was just so nice out. Some of the roses are still budding and blooming here in Northern California, though-- I skipped over a few of those.

(p.s. blogger has changed their uploading interface since I started here so many years ago. Bear with me while I try to get back up to speed!)

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