Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In another garden...

Back in the day, 10 or 11 years ago?-- before I had a yard of my own to work in, my mother & stepfather were kind enough to let me experiment on theirs.

I was working very much with trial & error, (no previous experience), and the sideyard where I was working was a hard clay patch of tough weeds. Not to mention, I lived more than an hour away, and they were only at the house part-time.
I think its indicative of the strength of my gardening urges, the way I'd spend my free time shopping for materials to haul up there...

Anyways, its evolved over time, and in recent years my mother (Hi Jan!) has had more time to make additions & improvements. Some plants failed long ago, and some they probably still curse me for. But here's a couple of shots taken on Easter Day. (should have taken more, of the other views; maybe later)

I painted the mural on the side of the neighbor's (previously yellow) garage; and the Cecile Brunner Rose I planted is either holding up or tearing down their fence, yet beautifully! in this season... The tree is a Chinese Wingnut, casting valuable far-reaching shades, but dropping hard pinballs of seeds far & wide as well.


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