Saturday, March 22, 2008

some morning photos...

Here's the scene out front, where rosemary, a ceanothus, wallflower (erysimum), and a low-growing euphorbia are weaving together to cascade into the... ditch. That euphorbia has been so successful, I've moved it all around. I don't remember it being quite so intensely lime-y in the past.

In other blooming news, this nicotiana came through the winter quite happily in a pot outside. (and somehow a cerinthe seeded itself into that same pot, where they're co-habitating nicely).

And... the first poppy of the season to open... in our yard at least. Plenty of 'em out there in the neighborhood.

I know some people consider these little... violas(?) weeds... In fact all the ones we have (hmm...more every year) started with a stow-away on something else I bought at a garden sale. But anything this charming is welcome here-- even in the cracks between the bricks.

And finally, another wallflower (erysimum), backed up by artemisia limelight (in a large planter--those roots want to go everywhere).

Oh, and, Happy Easter to all of you observing the holiday today!


At 1:37 PM, Blogger Connie said...

Lovely blooms! Still a wait here for flowers, though the wildflowers are blooming on the mountainsides.


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