Sunday, November 12, 2006

Coast Weekend 2006

We determined, over the famous Cajun Prawns, and numerous bottles of wine, that our family has been making coastal pilgrimages, to various rented houses, in various family configurations, for 22 years now (is that right? 22 years.) Long before these smaller ones were born. With previous boyfriends... and so on. Here's the group from 2006.
The only rain came at night, but it was a blustery day at the beach on Saturday.

I took along my new new camera. And probably drove everyone nuts snapping away incessantly. And snapping more doesn't NECESSARILY mean BETTER. But I was entertained... Mostly I was shooting at the lowest end of my possible resolution, because I haven't upgraded the memory card yet...

Thanks Dad!
and Thanks Karen, primary food & kitchen godddess!


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