Saturday, July 22, 2006

health update

Hey all, I'm back....
and with this health update. I had surgery Monday afternoon on what Tony had taken to calling my 'false schwannoma', but which, in fact, turned out to be a True schwannoma. (that's a funny-sounding name for a tumor of a nerve sheath.) In this case it appears to have been a nerve connected to some function (watering?) of my left eye. Surgery resulted in a bit of a sleepy eyelid on that side, but that seems to be improving, and my vision seems unimpaired. I already had my follow-up appointment and stitches out. It tested out as completely benign, and so a long chapter comes to an end, with some perhaps lasting improvements to my health and outlook. I still have a stiff neck, and a good-sized wound (easily hidden by hair), but am otherwise feeling pretty normal, and getting restless from a whole week of lying around watching movies. Of course, it's so HOT here, it won't be safe to leave the house til sundown.

The garden is looking surprisingly well for this kind of heat-- we seem to have a good number of mid-summer bloomers-- and for the fact I was in bed most of the week.
Hey, is a weed-whacker considered heavy machinery?


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